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    Qingyuan shengda group co., ltd
    About Us
    Qingyuan Shengda Group Co., Ltd is founded in 2006. Group have more than 15 factories in china, most of them are corn processing enterprise in shandong province to produce liquid glucose, maltodextrin, corn starch etc.
    We have great advantage to produce the corn starch, glucose syrup, dextrose mono, maltodextrin, inositol, corn gluten meal, corn oil and so on. This group company commit themseves to reduce the costs of production and unify the price of main corn -processed deeply products to satify the customer. Our output of corn -deeply -processed products are up to 250 milloin metric tonne each, and most of main prodcuts will be exported to overseas makert.
    For expand the quantity of exporting, we adopt advanced manage system and install modern machine to make our all products achieve international topping standard. Most of company belong to our group pass ISO 9001: 2000, HACCP, NF12, FCCIV ETC International standard, we also get the halal certificate, health certificate for products used into food as materials.
    Anyway, this group company is the leader of all corn processing enterprice in Shandong province. Qingyuan Shengda Group is your company and supplier, you trust us, we give you good surprise!
    Company: Qingyuan shengda group co., ltd
    Contact Person: anderson  sun
    Telephone: 86-536-6821880
    Mobile Phone:
    Fax: 86-536-6120196
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